Roger Oates Design

Roger Oates Design offers unique Venetian flatweave rugs and runners that in the last 25 years have become a design classic not only in the UK but also across the globe.

Choose your colour, pattern and texture from a wide range of bold stripes or a more subtle neutral colourways.

Within the range there are also special collections such as The Eastern Collection or Real Shetland Wool.

The Eastern Collection: Looking Eastwards the inspiration for this collection began with a 14th century Japanese textile technique giving texture to all over stripe ‘Kasuri’. Colours of exotic lanterns, springtime blossom, and elegant Jade feed into Kobe a ‘tweed’ design of fine lines and it’s complementary ‘Kyoto’, a big theatrical non-symmetrical stripe.”

Real Shetland Wool Collection: Using pure Shetland Wool to recolour our iconic Venetian flatweave designs has created a fresh new take on a classic stair runner. The collection uses six natural un-dyed yarn shades ranging from cream to black, supplied exclusively in small batches from the Shetland Isles.”

tapis d’avignon (felt): Tapis d’Avignon rugs are made from heavily felted Mouflon wool that feels as soft and indulgent as it look. All Tapis d’Avignon rugs are made from a combination of smaller individual pieces. We use a decorative joining stitch that either tones or contrasts with the main colours. A rug is finished around the edge using a blanket stitch and can be designed to look bold and modern or calm an subtle.”