Sisal & Seagrass

Sisal Carpet

Sisal is sustainable and 100% biodegradable as well as extremely hardwearing and strong – one of the toughest in the natural plant fibre flooring ranges – and is also anti-static, due to its natural fibres helping to control the humidity in the atmosphere. Its strength and durability means sisal can be used throughout a household even in high-traffic areas such as hallways and staircases.

Benefits of buying natural floor covering:

  • Made from natural plant fibres – sisal, seagrass, jute and coir
  • Stylish and Contemporary
  • Offer unique feel and texture
  • Hardwearing


Natural fibre floor coverings require specialist installation. Our experienced team will help  you to plan your project from start to finish.

At the Flooring Studio we also offer colour and design advise. You are welcome to borrow carpet samples or bring in your fabrics and accessories and we will help to to create a scheme for the room with coordinating wallpaper, paint and floor covering colours. You can book an appointment by simply contacting us on tel. 01786 833383 or by sending an email to